Customer Services

“The one who figures on victory at headquarters before even doing battle is the one who has the most strategic factors on his side.“
Sun Tzu, 4th century BC.

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What we can help you with

We recognize that every customer has own unique goals and requirements. We tailor a project to meet the customer’s needs to ensure that the project report serves as the relevant basis for future customer’s decisions.

  • Brand image and perception – how the market sees your brand
  • Market position – where you are today
  • Product and service awareness – how they learn what you do
  • Market potential – where to expand
  • Strategies – what lies ahead
  • Optimization – set up processes and work more efficiently
  • Motivation and loyalty of employees – are your employees satisfied
  • Segmentation and target groups – who your customer is and how your customer acts
  • Price sensitivity – find out about the price threshold of your customer
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty – how loyal your customers are
  • Purchase behavior – how your customer makes a choice, when is your customer satisfied
  • Customer communication – when you need to verify the quality and effectiveness of communication
  • Mystery shopping – competitors and their secrets
  • Price monitoring – benchmarking
  • Concept testing – proposal evaluation
  • Advertising campaign pre- and post-testing – advertising cost optimization

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